For Kids

Knowing the importance of early language development in Deaf children, 258Signs creates visually-engaging stories and educational videos in American Sign Language that are accessible for children of all ages.

  • For Kids – Travel Song

    “Travel Song” is a song from the Broadway Performance – Shrek the Musical. Robert Bhola and Juan Jaramilo provide a comical interpretation of the song in Sign Language.

  • For Kids – Fun With Numbers

    “Fun with Numbers” is a short educational video showing the difference signs in ASL (American Sign Language) and Auslan (Australian Sign Language). for numbers from 1 to 1 Trillion. A fun creative video with sign language and rhythm. Dalia is from Melbourne, Australia. Robert is from Ontario, Canada.

  • For Kids – Walking in the Forest

    Simple Songs has provided the world with many great nursery rhymes and children’s songs. Their videos are colorful, vibrant and sung wonderfully. I want to help making children videos more accessible to those who cannot hear and too young to read the captions by signing the song in ASL. Hope you enjoy my translation.