258Signs Team

Robert Bhola – CEO / Founder

Robert Bhola is a Canadian / Trinidadian actor, performer, script writer, digital creator and founder of 258Signs Productions INC. In 2019, he set a resolution for himself to create artist interpretations of music in sign language. Since then, his journey has blossomed into new opportunities to create and develop art though sign language. He has written, directed, and produced a variety of ASL projects.

Robert is a sign language interpretation artist who brings the emotions of music to life through visually mastered renditions of songs from all genres. Robert is immersed in Deaf culture and community. He is a hard of hearing CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) with 5 Deaf children and works with Deaf youth. He has worked as an ASL coach and instructor for over a decade and taught both children and adults. Lyric interpretation has long been a passion for Robert. Having reached over 100,000 collective views on his videos to date, he hopes that his YouTube channel and social media handle 258Signs merges music with the Deaf/Hard-of -Hearing world.

Since 2019, Robert has been involved with Deaf Spirit Theatre, the Sound Off Theatre Festival, and the Toronto Fringe Festival. Recently one of the finalists of the 2021 MAP playwright festival, He continues to expand his portfolio through collaboration on various stage productions and online performances. With his creative artistic interpretations, Robert hopes to continue to spread awareness of Deaf culture through American Sign Language to everyone.

Juan JaramilloAssistant CEO / Artistic Director of Theatre

Before Juan Jaramillo fell passionately in theatres, he was former Child and Youth Advocate with the Ontario Advocate’s Office for Children & Youth, He was responsible for providing consultation within the Provincial Schools for the Deaf and Blind/deaf for 9 years.

His family was refugee from Colombia before he moved to Canada at a very young age. He was born deaf but that didn’t stop him from loving loud music. He was surrounded by Colombia’s musical, Latin and sala culture.

His most popular performances were signed versions of the 50’s song, “Rock Around The Clock ” dance/ASL choreography. He co-founded Dancing Hands in 1992, the group has performed across Canada and the USA over 22 years. He has many hats, he is a creator in ASL song Interpretation and Performance artist, his first short film director, an actor, scriptwriter in both theatres and films. He works and consults with theatres, films, events, festivals in supporting more access in ASL.

He appeared in a short film called, “Towards You” as a supporting actor. This film received the MENA Film Festival’s audiences 1st Choice Awards in the short film category. He appeared in Season 2 of the CBC documentary TV series “YOU CAN’T ASK THAT.” He has also been involved in various theatre festivals, such as the Sound Off Deaf festival, Fringe Festival, the Abilities Festival, MAP Short Play festival (Chicago).

Juan’s versatility and artistic expression has seen him share the stage with many different artists, he loves to put on a great show that is accessible and inclusive for all performers and audiences. “

Jadine ReynoldsAdministrative Assistant

Jadine Reynolds is 258Signs’ administrative assistant. She works in collaboration with all 258Signs team members on a variety of projects to support grant writing, grant applications, research, and documents that result in our amazing endeavours.

Since 2018, Jadine has worked within the Deaf community on a number of art-related projects including co-directing several Deaf theatre productions with adolescents and young adults.

Ari BlackWebsite design and maintenance

Ari Black is a second-language American Sign Language learner and currently an ASL instructor at Carleton University. He is interested in using his ASL knowledge, computer skills, and English abilities to support the Deaf community in their projects and goals.